Brauchen wir die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa?

europa„Brauchen wir die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa?“, fragte mich ein Plakat an der Universität.

Wenn damit „Braucht der Nationalstaat Deutschland jetzt gerade die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa?“ gemeint war, dann wohl eher nicht. Aber wenn die Frage: „Solltest du dich für eine Zukunft mit einem Vereinigten Europa einsetzen?“  heißt, dann ruft alles in mir: „Unbedingt!“. „Brauchen wir die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa?“ weiterlesen

Brief von Osama bin Laden

Alle religiösen Floskeln und extremistischen Kommentare wurden entfernt. Alle Namen geändert. Hier das Original.

To my precious daughter. Peace be upon you.

How are you and what is your news? I miss you so much. Yes, I miss my pious daughter. I yearn much for the beautiful days I spent with you, especially during travel. Indeed, you were the best companion.

How is Elias doing? Make sure you and his father take good care of him, as he has great capabilities. At least teach him the basic principles of reading, writing, and mathematics. What is his latest funny news? And how is his sister Maria? I wish I could hear her talking. As I had indicated in my second letter, everyone misses you and hopes to see you.  It is preferable to travel light by reducing what you carry as much as possible; only carry what is essential.

We are well. The only thing we’re lacking is getting together with you. Please forgive me if I made you mad – and perhaps for having done so frequently. If the security conditions permit, please extend my regards to the people with whom you are staying. I apologize for this brief letter, because the power keeps going on and off. Take care of yourself and give my greetings to Noah, Elias, and Maria. Give them this message from my grandmother: “I miss you very much. Listen to and obey your mother and father and do not anger them.”

Peace  be upon you.