In “The Great Replacement” interviewt der Attentäter von Christchurch sich selbst. Zwei Fragen fallen mir auf:

Did you commit the attack to receive media coverage and to
propagate your own writings/beliefs/ideals?

No, the attack was a end in itself, with all the necessary affect required.
These writing, and their coverage, are just a bonus.


Is this your complete writings and views?

Unfortunately not, there was a much larger work written, roughly 240
pagies long that spoke on many issues and went into much depth, but in a
moment of unbridled self criticism, I deleted the entire work and started
again, two weeks before the attack itself.

I was left with a short period of time to create a new work and only leave
my views half finished. I will let my actions speak for themselves.

Vielleicht stimmt das, vielleicht ist es aber auch nur Teil seiner Medieninszenierung. Aber egal was die Absicht ist. Zwischen den Worten steckt affektiver Druck der mehr als Real werden möchte. Er tut mir leid.

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