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“Relatable content triggers and delineates its audience‘s intuitive sense of what is real. The more intuitive content it, the more it makes an audience feel as if they automatically know something without thinking it through, and the more relatable it appears. […] Relatable memes […] convey a faith that the other people you are talking to can intuitively understand you and accept you. […] Such memes posit a community that is unified by reaction alone and not a shared understanding of what the reaction signifies or a share sense of recognition […].

Meta-Memes like „it me“ show that „the meme structure is no longer about shared experiences but a shared set of actions – the act of showing that one relates to something relatable. […] They are „boiled down to a pure gesture of relatability, an identification with social media mechanism themselves rather than a community. […] Interpretation is preempted. It becomes an intuition about intuition. […]

[…] The more that viral relatability culture dominates society, the more dependent we might become on the interfaces tat make it possible. […] Relatability for its own sake may seem innocuous enough, but it masks the normativity implicit in trying to say popular things only because they seem popular.”

Ich sehe spüre den Algorithmus, fühle mit ihm und werde ganz Verweis.

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